Advantages of Dual Monitor Stand

There are many uses of dual monitor stands, including desking, organization, workplace efficiency, and more.

People who work with a dual monitor stand for an extended period of time usually adopt an upright, confident posture. This helps with back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many people find that dual monitor stands increase their productivity and reduce stress. Fewer distractions and clearer views on your screen will make it easier to focus on the task at hand without constantly fidgeting to stay focused.

Dual monitors allow you to customize your workspace without sacrificing space or needing a large desk area. You can choose whether you want two separate, adjacent monitors or one larger monitor with two smaller ones next to it.

With dual monitor stands, you can fit more of your work onto your desk and still have room for other things like computer equipment. This allows the user to maintain the same comfort level when using a desktop without sacrificing space.

 Monitors placed on dual monitor stands tend to be at eye level, which reduces the amount of strain caused by looking at a computer screen for an extended period of time. They maintain a minimal footprint.

You can view many more applications simultaneously by adding an additional monitor to your setup. This makes it easier to move between multiple tasks and remain productive while maximizing screen space.

Dual monitor stands keep your cables off the floor and organized. This reduces the risk of tripping or accidentally kicking over your cables and makes it easier to find the cable you’re looking for.

A dual monitor stand allows you to increase the size of your screen without increasing the footprint of your desk. This is especially useful if you have a small desk area.

The use of dual monitor stands helps with maintenance by keeping your monitors away from moisture and dust sources. Most professional monitors are also easily adjustable via handlebars, allowing you to extend or collapse the stand when needed.

The physical design of the stand also matters. For example, some stands are designed with open sides so that cables can run behind the desk and be hidden from view. Others have a top and bottom cover so that the monitor won’t get scratched.

Market Demand for Dual Monitor Stands 

According to research based on the MESA marketing segmentation, the monitor stands are expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.8% during 2017-2021. This is driven by factors such as rise in demand for displays due to the significant increase in the number of smartphone users, the advent of 4K displays and upgrades of HMDs, the introduction of curved screens that are more ergonomic for users with different needs, and high demand for large format devices among others. Also, the growth of professional 3D displays is a major factor that is expected to drive the market’s growth for monitor stands.

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Dual monitor stands offer a solution to many problems commonly caused by smaller desks and make it possible to fit larger monitors into smaller desk spaces. Dual monitor stands are valuable tools for smaller workspaces or those who need more space on their desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a dual monitor stand?
A. Single monitor stands can be used for many purposes, but dual monitor stands are often better suited for certain applications; for example, if your workplace requires you to view information from various sources such as your computer and television screen or you want an expandable view of the whole working environment.

Q. What size monitors should I use with a dual monitor stand?
A. It depends on the mounting plate, but most mounts are designed to hold monitors up to 35 lbs. each. 

Q. What is a best practice for a dual monitor stand’s setup?
A. A good practice for a dual monitor stand setup is to place the screens approximately 4″ from each other and space them evenly to ensure better viewing without hitting each other. Moreover, putting the monitor closer to the screen helps reduce eye strain.