If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, in addition to a decent amount of money on your ergonomic chair and keyboard, it’s worth investing in a good monitor stand. It will help you have less neck strain and back pain when going about your daily tasks. Moreover, it will enhance work productivity and boost your morale.

How to Select the Right Monitor Mount

1. Positioning of the monitor

The monitor should be positioned on a level. It is also necessary to consider the height between the top of your head and the screen. Several monitors fit on a desk, but you can’t put them too high or too low because it may cause neck strain or eye strain. You can have a degree of adjustability for your screen height with a tray that fits into the back of your top box.

2. Suspension type

Monitors should be attached to the pole that is capable of supporting the weight of the monitor. Some of the monitors are heavy, and if they are not adequately secured, they can fall, causing serious injuries. The most common mount types are single-arm, dual-arm and ceiling mounts. A single-arm mount will cost less than a dual-arm one, but it is more stable and easier to change orientation. There is also a “super stable” mount that can support up to 20 kilograms without an issue. Pick the one suitable for you.

3. Movement of the monitor

The most important thing to consider is the range of motion when it comes to a monitor mount. There are three types: full-motion, partial motion and fixed. The full-motion mount allows the screen to move up to 360 degrees along with tilt and swivel; however, there is a lack of stability. A partial-motion monitor that moves up to 180 degrees with tilt and panning has a broader range of movement but still provides stability, whereas a fixed one is less expensive but provides no movement.

4. Weight capacity

The monitor mount should be capable of supporting the weight of your monitor. You should also make sure that you purchase an arm with a high load rating, such as 65 lbs (for dual-arm mounts) and 100 lbs (for ceiling mounts). Moreover, the weight capacity of mounts ranges from 10 to 30 lbs. The heavier the mount is, the more sturdy it will be.

5. Secure lock

The monitor mount must come with a secure lock mechanism. Lock types include key, combination and security code. All of the lock types cost less than $25.

Types of Monitor Mounts

The choice is dependent on your setup, although the most popular option is the desk clamps or grommet mounts, along with wall or ceiling mounts. This depends on your setup whether it’s permanent or temporary. Below is a brief explanation of monitor arm types that will assist you in making the correct choice.

Free Standing Mount

This is the simplest one of all mount styles. It contains a heavy plate at the base that secures stability, and it hides behind the desk. The monitor connects to the arm, and the arm is connected to the base. This helps in reducing the appearance of bulkiness and can be used by both professionals and home users.

Desk Clamp Mount

If you’re looking for a temporary mount or maybe semi-permanent, then this is perfect for you as it can clamp at the edge of your desk. That is why it is also called a C-clamp or edge clip. It is suggested that you measure the edge of your desk before you purchase this to ensure the correct fit.

Grommet Mount

If you’re going for a more permanent setup, then the grommet mount is your best choice. The monitor arm comes through a grommet hole that must be drilled if your desk doesn’t have it. This is also a stable alternative to a C-clamp for desks with shallow edges and is perfect for permanent setups.

Wall or Ceiling Mount

With this type of mount, the monitor arm extends through the wall or ceiling, and the weight is supported by springs. This way, you can save both space and money depending on how heavy your monitor is. It is essential to drill holes at the right places for this kind of mount if your desk frame doesn’t have grommets.

Top Brands for Monitor Mounts

1. The Mounting Dream

The Mounting Dream is a well-known brand in the market that produces high-quality products. Their monitor mounts are mostly single-arm models that can be fixed to a desk or placed on a wall. The brand is known for its stability, precision and durability. All of the products from this company come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Ergotron

Ergotron is also a great brand that produces quality mounts with perfect stability. It comes at a higher price and can be attached to walls or desks easily. This brand has many different models to choose from with various load capacities and adjustments for VESA compatibility.

3. AmazonBasics

If you’re on a budget, AmazonBasics is the best choice for you as it provides monitors of high quality at the lowest price. The brand also comes in different colors and patterns, which is amazing for customization. Also, it includes a one-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

4. Arozzi

Arozzi is a brand that produces powerful yet compact monitors mounts. This company focuses on keeping the stability of the mount with its software. The experts at Arozzi use a 3-D chassis design for all their products for better stability. This company focuses on quality and safety rather than price, which makes it an excellent choice for most people looking for a good mount.

5. Katz

Katz is a company that offers products for all kinds of environments. Whether you are looking for a mount that can hang on your wall or ceiling, they have the perfect model. The company offers many different types of products and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Choosing the best monitor arm is dependent on your preferences and needs. You must know what you need as you don’t want to buy a large monitor arm that will cost you more and take up extra space when you don’t need it. Before purchasing a monitor arm, make sure you know how many monitors you need, how much weight the monitors have, whether they are VESA compliant or not, how long they will be mounted on the wall or desk, and whether you need something temporary or permanent. I hope you have found one of your choices from this list of best monitor arms that suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a VESA mount?
A. A VESA mount is a fixture used to secure a monitor to a mounting surface. It is necessary in case you need to remove or re-position the monitor from the mounting surface quickly or if you want to mount your monitor on the wall without professional expertise.

Q. What are some of the most common choices for desk hangers?
A. Desk hangers are attachments that come with brackets that hook into your desk frame. Some of the most common choices include a simple desk hanger or a box-style desk hanger. If you have a space on your desk, the box style is a good choice as it allows you to put other items such as phones, pencils and stationery within the box.