This article will discuss some of the problems you’re likely to encounter when working with a dual monitor stand and offer possible solutions for those issues.

  1. Height Issues

Most office desks are designed for one monitor at eye height and the second at a lower angle. If you attempt to mount both monitors on a stand, they may be too high or too low relative to your chair’s height.

Solution: The possible solution to it is to place a platform under the stand. This will raise the stand to the proper height and ease eye strain.

Most people find that the stand must be balanced correctly for their monitor(s). A heavy desktop computer, a cheap laptop, or a few paper clips can unbalance it.

Solution: Use an adjustable brace to attach the monitors to the stand. This allows you to keep your desk from shaking.

Dual monitor stands are sturdy when evenly loaded, but that’s only the case when the load is even. When unevenly loaded (by placing your monitors at different heights), the stand can tip over if bumped or shifted in any way.

Solution: If you’re mounting two monitors on a dual-monitor stand, make sure to mount them equally high. You can use a platform under the stand, as mentioned above, to level it out.

Most users pile all cables behind their desk but trying to do that with two monitors on a stand is a hassle. Chances are you’ll end up with wires dangling down and the possibility of ripping your wires out or pulling them loose.

Solution:  You can drill holes in the back of your desk for cable management if you aren’t worried about aesthetics that much.

Dual monitor stands allow users to adjust the angle of the monitors to provide optimal viewing. However, done improperly, this can create a poor viewing angle for your eyes. Also, another issue is that if you raise one monitor too high, your head will be tilted downward at an uncomfortable angle to be properly aligned with the bottom screen.

Solution: To maintain proper vertical viewing angles for both monitors, it’s common to have the stands configured so that one is higher than the other. This will give you the best viewing angle for when both screens are in use.

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Ideally, you’d want a dual monitor stand that can be used to raise multiple monitors. This will maintain the highest viewing comfort level and ensure that you don’t have to use the top monitor at a lower angle than the one below. This is ideal for those who have two monitors, but if you’ve tried using two screens on a dual monitor mount, then you know that it’s not as convenient as having a stand for each screen.


1. How much space does a dual monitor stand take up?

These stands are designed to keep your desk clutter-free and only take up a little space. So, there is no problem even if you have limited space in your working area. It can be installed anywhere with ease. Moreover, this stand is portable and flexible to use. It can be adjusted according to your preferences and present environment.

2. I have my computer desk, and it has enough space for my monitors. Can I still install a dual monitor stand?

Of course, you need to install them directly on top of your computer desk by using a VESA adapter or mounting plate. This solution is quite useful when you don’t want to worry about any extra standing space, which is required to place a stand directly on the floor or even at the wall. It’s also safer, much easier to do and won’t give any trouble to your eyes and arms and neck even if you regularly use these monitors for hours a day.